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What services we can offer you ?

1.Purchase service:If you not have much time to buy yourself or face problem on local payment , we will buy for you with reasonable price and good quality.

2.Supplier's payment:We accept USD payment and exchange into RMB, then pay to your supplier as request .

3.Photographing: We take a photo of the product and upload to customer so that the customer can view the product before we ship it.

4.Delivery options: We work with the best courier companies to get better service and more reasonable prices.We will suggest best shipment after calculating and checking the goods details .

5.Repacking & Safe packaging: For glass products and other fragile products or sensitive parts, we will repacking with the safest way , to prevent damage to goods during transit.For normal items , we will try our best making volume smaller so as to cut down shipping cost.

6.Quality inspection:Before we ship, if the product is not the customer wants, we will return to supplier and ask refund.

7.Testing: For customers who buy electronic products and any other machines, we can try it out for our customers and test it to make sure it is perfect before we ship. We will show customers the picture or video on which his product is being tested

8.Verify companies: As China has a large number of companies, we can help customers verify these companies to ensure that it is a customer can trust the company.

9.Warehouse storage:We can offer 30 days warehouse storage for free if no more than 1CBM.

10.Translation and reception service ,Our team can speak English, Japanese,Arabic,Cantonese,etc.When you come to SHENZHEN China, we can book hotel for you and show you around to any factory or market you want to visit .

For more information about all this topic or other services, you can contact us at the following email: