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The ownership and operation right of Soeasytao's various services are owned by Shenzhen Inbeth Technology Co., Ltd. Please read this registration agreement carefully. When the user clicks on "free registration", it means that the user accepts and voluntarily abides by the terms listed on the Soeasytao website.
First, the user registration data
1.1. Users must provide true, complete and valid legal registration information. If there is any change in the registration information, please log in (URL: and change the relevant information. If the user provides illegal, incomplete, or incomplete registration information, the related responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the user. In addition, the company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user's use of various services on the Soeasytao website unilaterally.
1.2. Soeasytao respects the personal privacy of users. Without the user's permission or the law (or regulations) otherwise stipulated, Soeasytao shall not disclose user information to the outside world.
1.3. Users can not borrow from Soeasytao to register accounts. For example, due to various disputes and economic losses caused by the loan account, the account registration user will bear all responsibility. The Company will retain the joint and several liability for the investigation of the user's loan account.
1.4. Users may not register multiple accounts. Upon discovering that a user has maliciously registered or has multiple accounts, Soeasytao reserves the right to unilaterally delete user registration accounts.
1.5. Soeasytao has the right to send information such as order information and promotional activities on the website to users (specifically the recipients and senders) through various means of communication such as emails and short messages.
1.6. Please take care of your account registration information. If you find that there is a security risk in your account, please contact Soeasytao customer service and related technical personnel immediately.
Second, the terms of service to confirm and modify
2.1 When the user clicks on "free registration", the user immediately enjoys services such as purchasing and international transfer provided by Soeasytao; at the same time, it also means that the user himself has to take legal responsibility for enjoying various services.
2.2 Soeasytao will, if necessary, modify the terms of service in accordance with the company's rules and regulations and operating rules and publish the revised content on the website. If the user does not accept the revised terms of service, please contact customer service or cancel the user service qualification. Soeasytao reserves the right to modify or discontinue services at any time without knowing the rights of users and without any liability to users or third parties
2.3 Soeasytao reserves the right to unilaterally cancel user accounts, refuse to provide services, remove or edit text, images, etc. or cancel user orders within the legal framework of the Chinese mainland.
Third, the user code
3.1 You must not violate the Soeasytao registration agreement
3.2 You must not use the services provided by Soeasytao to engage in illegal activities, including but not limited to the illegal transportation of restricted business data or physical items overseas, money laundering (including malicious recharge), stealing trade secrets, and stealing user registration data.
3.3 When Soeasytao publishes comments and other information, it must abide by relevant laws and regulations in mainland China.
3.4 Do not make acts detrimental to Soeasytao's image and interests, including but not limited to spreading false negative news unfavorable to the company, renting or transferring or selling user accounts, stealing account for profit
3.5 Do not invade Soeasytao website and its computer information management system, hinder its normal operation
3.6 It is not allowed to teach others to engage in illegal activities prohibited by the law of the website and laws in mainland China.
Users who do not comply with the above rules, Soeasytao reserves the right to suspend or close the user account unilaterally and the user must bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
Fourth, the exemption clause
4.1 All kinds of economic losses and disputes caused by the user's own reasons, including but not limited to economic losses caused by loss of account or (and) password, credit card and third-party payment methods stolen (Paypal, Alipay, international credit card, etc.)
4.2 The site cannot be used due to force majeure or the transaction is interrupted or the information record is lost, including but not limited to hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion, temporary government control or shutdown of servers, floods, earthquakes, etc.
4.3 does not provide any type of information security, including but not limited to the timeliness, security, accuracy of the information sent by the Internet information sending platform (mail, various chat tools, etc.)
4.4 The site quality inspector will inspect each item but does not guarantee the quality of the product. In case of product quality problems, please contact customer service, the site staff to coordinate with the business, on behalf of the scope of coordination is limited to purchasing
4.5 In the event of a package damage or other document suspicious condition, please reject the package or file. If you find all kinds of problems after signing, please contact customer service in a timely manner. The customer service of this website assists users in coordinating work with each other as far as possible, but the consequences resulting from this are borne by the user.
V. Intellectual Property
All contents listed on the Soeasytaos website, including but not limited to text, software, sounds, pictures, videos, graphics, advertisements, e-mails, etc., are all owned by Shenzhen Inbeth Technology Co., Ltd. All information content of the website is protected by relevant Chinese and international laws. Without the approval of the company, any enterprise or individual may not copy, reproduce, copy or alter, link, and grab any information content on the website. Once the report or discovery is found, the company will report to the public security organ according to law and investigate the parties involved. Legal liability; The unauthorized use of information provided to third parties to use the content of this site is strictly prohibited, and the provider will assume all legal responsibilities. In order to protect the rights and interests of the company, all recourse costs and attorney fees caused by violation of intellectual property rights are borne by the parties and/or providers.
Six, warehouse storage
6.1 The storage department of the company will provide users with safe and reliable storage and maintenance services during the period of free storage.
6.2. If the goods arrive at the warehouse but exceed the time limit and the international transfer order has not been submitted, Soeasytao will continue to bear the obligation to keep the goods. However, if the goods are lost or damaged after the overdue period, all consequences shall be borne by the customer and the site shall not bear any compensation. Overdue If the customer wishes to submit a transfer order, this site will charge a certain amount of warehouse storage fee. Whether it is overdue or not, if the customer wants to return the goods to the sender or merchant, this website will charge the domestic transfer fee according to the delivery fee in Mainland China.
VII. International Logistics Transshipment
7.1. The international logistics transshipment takes the working day as the unit of calculation, excluding weekends and statutory leave holidays in China and the recipient countries.
7.2 If the user’s goods contain prohibited goods or goods that are forbidden to be shipped by the Chinese customs, the company will confiscate it and report it to the public security authority. All consequences shall be borne solely by the user.
7.3. Users are required to bear the costs of multiple delivery caused by false or inaccurate, incomplete or inability to allow the sender to identify the address (the customer's self-entered address), and the recipient's failure to sign for the goods due to various reasons. This extra shipping fee or the option to destroy it; All the payments due to the above reasons will not be returned by the company and the user will have to pay additional shipping charges or destruction fees. Users must not refuse to pay customs duties levied by the customs of China or (and) destination countries (the role of the company for collection and payment). In the foregoing cases, if the user refuses to pay, this website reserves the right to close the user's account and to report to the public security authority or the court for additional expenses. At the same time, the site has the right to deduct the related expenses without the user's permission.
7.4. The user can choose the shipping channel provided by China ShenZhen according to the material and value of the goods. If there is any doubt, he can consult the customer service of Shenzhou Express; if he does not consult the customer service, he can not select the channel for shipping this product. The customer service staff will The user is informed in a timely manner that if the user chooses to return the goods, the website will charge the domestic transfer fee according to the delivery fee in Mainland China; once the shipping channel is selected and the goods have been shipped out, the user may not cancel the order midway or request to modify the shipping channel.
7.5 In case of loss of goods caused by other logistics express companies or the logistics department of the company, the compensation amount and time limit will be strictly applied and compensated according to the compensation rules of this website;
Except for loss of goods caused by force majeure factors, including but not limited to (1) natural disasters or flight crashes; (2) government actions such as traffic control, expropriation or expropriation; (3) social anomalies such as wars, strikes, and riots.
8. Soeasytao solemnly declares
8.1 The company builds on the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, and observance of laws and regulations to create a service platform for China's purchasing service that aims at first-class service and efficiency.
8.2 If users are using this website service, if they have any doubts, please contact customer service in time. Based on the principle of service first and efficiency first, this website strives to strive for users without violating the Soeasytao registration agreement. maximum profit
8.3 Any user or third party intentionally disseminates rumors, seriously harms the reputation, trademark rights and copyrights of the site, imitates the framework of copying the site, and copies or alters the information content of the site. Soeasytao has the right to govern China. Court of the People's Republic of China filed a lawsuit
8.4 If users are in conflict or unpleasant with online customer service during the use of this website, please send comments or suggestions to the email address specified in this website. This website will try to solve problems for you.
8.5 During the process of using this website, the user can put forward your valuable suggestions and comments on the customer service attitude, the website needs improvement, and the user experience; once adopted, this website solemnly promises to give this user a reward for a generous point.