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Custom & Tax

Custom & Tax

Customs tax: Depends on national customs policy and declared value to determine whether you need to pay for the custom tax.

Tips: Worried about national customs levy taxes and fees? You better confirm with local customs and check below how much valume free of tax, we will prepare CI as requst .

National Tariff Reference Table:


Amount (USD)

Brunei 100

Bangladesh 100

India 100

Indonesia 100

Nepal 100

SIngapore 200

Malaysia 100

Thailand 100

Vietnam 200

Taiwan 200

England 15 Pound

Australia 100

South Africa 100

New Zealand 200

Sri Lanka 100

Philippine 80

How To Avoid Tax?

1) Weight of parcel: Foreign customs according to parcel weight to categorize parcel in 2 category (civilian / commercial), in general, weight of parcel ( physical weight or volumetric weight ) exceed 20kg will categorize to commercial parcel, there's a possibility to levy taxes by foreign customs.

2) We suggest to separate parcel to avoid high customs duty if weight of parcel exceed 20kg.

3) Quantity of same product should not be too much.

Etc: Ball pen 30pcs, repack to 3 boxes, declare to 3 boxes of ball pen. (For reference only, do not apply to all national customs standard regulation).

4) Customs taxes shall bear by consignee.

5) Please leave message to our service with how much value should decalre on waybill .